Facilities Improvement in Sandwell

Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to the renovation of derelict community, sports and faith centre facilities across Sandwell, which can then be utilised by local resident to participate in a range of community development and sports activities. The aim is to raise the profile of community facilities and increase community participation in sports and development activities. Once renovated, the facilities could also be available to hire by local community groups or individuals, generating income for the host organisation leading to sustainable development opportunities for the residents of Sandwell. 

Successful past and future refurbishment includes:

  • Jubilee Park Community Centre.
  • Jubilee Astro Turf Refurbishment. 
  • Friar Park Millennium Centre Sports Hall.
  • Jubilee Children’s Play Area Refurbishment. 
  • Faith Centre Community Halls Refurbishment.

Please contact the CEO to register your intertest in this programme @ ceo@sandwellchc.org