Building Community Sector Capacity and Workforce

Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to building the skills and knowledge of the Community Sector Workforce and increasing the sectors capacity to introduce and deliver innovative community development services by delivering the ‘Community Sector Learning Course’. The Programme is designed for those who are currently working in the community sector and seek to improve their knowledge, experience and skills, and those who are new to the sector and are interested in gaining sustainable employment or developing a career within the community sector.

Learning Programme covers:                      How Does It Work?

  • Community Development & Community Regeneration.                                                       - 1 Day Introductory Course.
  • Community and Voluntary Sector aka the [Third Sector].                                                     - 4 Day Intensive Course.
  • Community Projects & Service Planning/Development & Management.                              - Delivered at your worksplace or local centres.
  • Community Organisational Development Process & Management.                                     - At a time and date that suits the participants. 
  • Community Funding Procurement System & Management.                                                 - Certificate at Sucessfull Completion of the Course

Anam Choudhury, CEO of the Sandwell Community Hubs is the principal tutor and the designer of the community sector learning course. Anam has a Master of Science degree in urban regeneration, research and public policy from the University of Birmingham and has successfully designed over 50 community development projects, built organisational capacity of over 16 community sector organisations and secured over £5.5 million in grant aid in the sustainable regeneration of deprived communities. Please contact the CEO Office to register your intertest in this course @