Connecting Faith Centres to Community Development

Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to connecting faith centres to community development opportunities, with the aim to increase faith centres participation in health, education, employment, welfare and sports development activities as well as increasing inclusion, volunteering, and the growth of the faith sector as a community service provider. The programme also develops community development skills, knowledge, and ability of local faith leaders to be a part of the decision-making process in planning the future of their own communities and neighbourhoods. In the sustainable development of the faith centres, Sandwell Community Hubs has recruited Health Connectors to link faith centres to health activities. They will do this by creating links between public/non-public sector health services and faith centres in the delivery of health-related activities. 

Services Offered.

  • Faith to Community Leadership Training.
  • Primary Advice Information and Guidance.
  • Community Workshops and Events on Various Issues.
  • Referrals of Clients to Existing Lifestyle Modification Programmes.
  • Encouraging the Use of Kitchens in Faith Centres in the Promotion of Healthy Eating.
  • Train/Skill-Up Community, Health, Sports and Education Champions.
  • Undertake Community Consultations on Community Development Issues.
  • Plan and Design Innovative Community-Based Projects and Services.
  • Procure Funds for the Delivery of Community Health, Sports and Development Projects.

Please contact the Health Connectors to register your faith centre @