In 2011, several community centres came together to discuss the possibility of working in a more collaborative and dynamic way which led to the formation of the Sandwell Community Hubs with the vision to see communities in Sandwell mobilised, become resilient and thrive through the development of community assets.


To develop sustainable, multipurpose community centres that address local needs within the different towns of Sandwell.


a) Support Cradley Heath Community Centre and Hurst Road Community Centre to become sustainable community hubs.

b) Create and sustain a Community Centre Network that learn from and share with each other.

c) Develop the capacity and skills of the communities in Sandwell such a way that they are able to identify & meet their need.

d) Increase the capacity and resources coming into the Community Centre Network in Sandwell.

e) Increase services for the communities and people represented by the Community Centre Network in Sandwell.

f) Engender collaborative working to increase development opportunities across the Community Centre Network.

Strategic Links

Sandwell Vision 2030: The Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to supporting the Sandwell Council Vision 2030 agenda, a set of ambitions for the borough to work towards over the next 13 years. The Sandwell Council hopes that focusing on these areas will boost business, create a skilled workforce geared up to respond to economic changes, foster major new employment sites and address issues that really matter in people’s lives and their wider community.

West Midlands Strategic Economic Plan: The Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to supporting the West Midlands Combined Authority’s Strategic Economic Plan which sets out actions to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in the West Midlands region including Sandwell. In the delivery of the hubs objectives, we are committed to working with the Combined Authority to support its programmes in Sandwell that would boost business birth, survival and growth rates, improve skills base and support enterprises with the skills they need.

Connected Communities - Community Capital: Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to realising the vision of the ‘Connected Communities’ programme- one in which people are embedded within local networks of social support; in which social isolation is reduced and people experience greater wellbeing and other benefits from better understanding, mobilisation and growth of ‘community capital’ in neighbourhoods.

Sporting Future: Sandwell Community Hubs is committed to the Government vision for a Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation. It sets a bold and ambitious direction for sport policy which has been widely welcomed. It looks beyond simple participation to how sport changes lives and becomes a force for social good. At its heart are five outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development.

Board Membership

The Sandwell Community Hubs is a membership organisation made up of twelve community centres based across the borough of Sandwell. The representatives of the member organisations listed below form the Board of Directors.

Carol Griffith [Treasurer]

Manager @ Hilltop Community Association.

Harbans Singh Ubhi [Director]

Manager @ Friar Park Millennium Centre.

Vivienne Pennington [Director]

HR Manager @ BWA Limited.

Jennifer Harrison [Director]

CEO @ North Smethwick Development Trust

Affiliated Membership

Community centres based in Sandwell can join the Sandwell Community Hubs as an affiliate member - if they have an interest in the regeneration of Sandwell and support the hubs primary objectives. The representatives of the affiliate organisations are invited as co-opted members of the Board of Directors.

Harjinder Ganger [Co-opted Member]

Jubilee Park Community Centre.

Abdil Kadir [Co-opted Member]

Ileys Community Association.

Amer Khan [Co-opted Member]

Healthy Employment Hub

place holder image 2

Yhaia Haffidh [Co-opted Member]

Lodge Road Community Centre.

Highlights of Achievements 2017/2018

Highlights of Achievements 2017/2018

  • Assisted 8 community sector organisations in Sandwell with developing individualised funding strategy.

  • Assisted 12 community sector organisations in Sandwell to apply up to £1.3 million of External Community Grants.

  • Introduced the Sandwell Community Awards Programme involving 750 community members and awarding 30 community champions from Sandwell.

  • Introduced Sandwell Community Employment Hub Network involving 6 employment hubs and bringing 240 unemployed residents closer to the labour market.

  • Introduced the Community Sector Learning Programme helping 40 community sector workers and activists to design and deliver innovative community services.

  • Introduced Sandwell Women’s Sports Participation Programme successfully engaging 100 hard to reach BME young women in sports activities and programmes.

  • Introduction Visualise your Success Programme to support community sector organisations in Sandwell to develop a Visual Presence.

  • Introduced the Community and Sports Facilities Improvement Programme and assisted sports facilities to secure over 60K refurbishment fund.

  • Provided affordable room hire opportunities for 37 community groups through the management of Cradley Heath and Hurts Road Community Centres.

  • Provided access to community activities for over 3100 members of the community through management of Cradley Heath and Hurts Road Community Centres.